Dritte Botschaft von Fatima Tretie fatimské proroctvo odhalené The third Fatima prophecy Žena odetá slnkom Novému pokoleniu November 1998





Why is the year 1998 the most important year in the history of mankind?


At the present time, at the close of the millennium, a turn of the world is occurring. This notion means that a radical change will arise on the Earth. Everything wrong and useless will perish in order for a new life style to be able to develop. It is a culmination period of the next evolutionary stage of mankind. In religious literature this phenomenon is called a judgement. Man should know what he needs for passing the examination after which he will go through to the higher evolutionary stage on the Earth. The judgement can take place either in a positive or a negative way.

A positive breakthrough will pass spontaneously and non-violently when people will subordinate themselves to the eternal laws of life and change their thinking and values of life voluntarily according to the new spiritual knowledge. The consequence of this total change will be the spiritual transformation of mankind.

A negative breakthrough will take place quickly and painfully by the self-destruction of a large part of mankind in the form of crises and wars which will be consummated by natural disasters in order for the Earth to be able to regenerate more quickly.

This year, when the breakthrough culminates one part of mankind is already at the limit of spiritual transformation and the other part is threatened by the self-destruction. The free will of each man will decide about his future fate according to the position which he will choose for himself.


How shall man know which spiritual way is the rightest one?


According to the law of homogeneity, It is necessary to look for the proofs of spiritual phenomena and truths in homogenous domains - that means in spiritual ones. As one cannot find physical phenomena in e.g. the grammar rules, one cannot discover spiritual events in material sciences.

For the given reason the source of spiritual knowledge is in spiritual books. Each nation had its own prophets and teachers because the Creator sent out spiritual help to the whole world. Thus, many spiritual movements have arisen. Essentially, they are alike because that what is true, comes from one source - from the Creator. They differ only in details which are often important, too, because they either reveal the Truth or hide it.

Even if many spiritual leaders have fulfilled their tasks well - they have transferred Gods truths to the Earth in intelligible language - frequently already during their lives or just after their death people have began to interfere with their teachings. They have arranged, completed and changed them according to their own human experience and their yet limited understanding. This way they have lost their credibility and quality. Each nation has been affected by this human conceit eventhough the regulators and translators of the teachings swore they did not change a single word. Thus, as a consequence of these however small but very often serious arrangements, people could not and cannot develop in the right way. Successively, they have lost their spiritual support and sense, followed by the total perversion of values of life and by the chaos. Therefore, Creator decided to send out his son Jesus so that he could return them from the false way on which they are persecuted by endless suffering in consequence of the misunderstanding of life and their own mistakes.

Two thousand years ago the Son of God - Jesus was born according to the law of homogeneity in the spiritually most developed nation to lead it and to raise it to the new knowledge. This selection can be understood better by a comparison: An exceptional scientist comes for a lecture only to the class with the best students because he is understood only by those who have the best qualification for that. Only later his knowledge will be transferred also to another classes by a more simple way so that backward students can also learn more.

Therefore, the Christianity which arose from the knowledge of Jesus and was spread by the Apostles throughout the world, is considered as the truest and the purest spiritual knowledge. The fact that in these two thousand years it was distorted in many points, misprized and misunderstood is a topic of a different chapter.

The most read book of Christianity in the whole world is the Bible. It contains important spiritual truths, the history of the spiritual development of mankind after the Atlantic catastrophe and the prophecies which Creator dictated through his prophets.

In spite of the fact that today many people educate themselves spiritually in the frank interest, the consequences of disharmonious life - diseases, crises, sufferings and wars outlast all the time. Only one conclusion follows - mankind does not educate itself and live correctly when it is still being punished by the cosmic laws.

Since people have a free will, Creator lets them go the ways of life chosen by themselves up to the limit of self-destruction by the crises and wars.

According to both spiritual and scientific prognoses, mankind is threatened by the self-destruction through World War III. Today because the politic, economic and spiritual leaders in the world rule by means of wrong principles.

Today, at the border of maximal chaos, when it is hard to distinguish the truth from the lie and the true from the false, Creator prepares for mankind yet another help - his second Son, Holy Spirit, Imanuel who will lead it out of the chaos, crises and stray spiritual ways.

Each advanced religious movement knows and acknowledges Creator as the Trinity which consist of Father God, Son Jesus and Holy Spirit. The third one - the Holy Spirit, is not accepted as a person by many movements although the announcement about his coming to the Earth we find even in the Bible (John, chapter 14, verse 26).

The prophet Isaiah was the only one of the ancient prophets who foretold the coming of both the Sons of God to the Earth. Though he did not mention Jesus with his name, he described his life, mission and tragic death accurately in the person whom he named a God's servant (Isaiah, chapters 42,49,50,52,53).

The second Creators Son, Holy Spirit, is mentioned by the prophet Isaiah under the name Imanuel. He made obvious that he would be born close before the Judgement, i.e. before the disaster of mankind (Isaiah, chapter 7, verses 14 - 17). In spite of this unambiguity quoted also in the Bible, the church in its accounts identifies Jesus with Imanuel, thus denying Holy Spirit as a person.


Does another proof of the Holy Spirit's birth as the King of the Millennium exist?


After Jesus tragic death, by which people confirmed their spiritual narrow-mindedness, God dictated to the Apostle John new prophecies which form the last chapter of the Bible under the name The Revelation to John, or Apocalypse. They contain symbolically indicated future events of mankind.

The birth of Imanuel is also mentioned there together with his further fate in the role of the ruler of the Millennium (The Revelation, chapter 11, verses 15 - 19, chapter 12, verses 1 - 12). The church interprets this symbolic description of his birth and his rule in its own way, it is said to be the description of Jesus birth. The church claims it despite the fact that in the introduction of Apocalypse it is clearly written that it reveals phenomena which will happen in the future. Since Apocalypse was written approximately one hundred years after Jesus death, it excludes the description of his own person.

During the period of two thousand years many Christian authorities tried to unravel the prophecies of Apocalypse. No one can interpret them properly, except for their author - God. He has inspired the future mother of Imanuel close before his birth with the right interpretation of Apocalypse, even though only partial.

In order to have a proof of the correctness and truthfulness of her interpretation, mankind got the Revelation in Fatima approximately 80 years ago which confirms this important event - the birth of Holy Spirit on the Earth - and completes it with important details: where he will be born, when and who will be his father and mother.

According to the Bible, many false revelations and prophets shall appear close before the Judgement. It is ironical that just those who claim they direct themselves by the Bible, give to these false prophecies and revelations the most possibilities for their manifestations. The more they trust in them, the more frequently the false revelations occur as a consequence of human trustfulness and ignorance. The believers let themselves be deceived so easily, since until now they did not recognize in the churches the eternal laws which disprove the authenticity of these revelations and media. But how can people recognize them if the Church interprets them incorrectly and hides from them the pure teaching of the Sons of God who explain the cosmic laws in many points in another way than the Church authorities do.


What does the author of the false revelations intend?


His aim is too distinct - to distract attention from the genuine Gods revelation in Fatima. It occurs to nobody that the rest of the revelations does not come from God but from the greatest illusionist on the Earth who uses his superhuman abilities for leading people away from the true knowledge.

Who still has common sense, understands that the content of the message from false revelations and media is not acceptable for a normal man - indeed, they require of people just humble obedience, frequent visits of the church, endless prayers, confessions, sacrificing for the sinners etc. Their intention is to divert man from the real life so that he can become a slave of the church which has not fulfilled its task properly for a long time. For that reason, Church and God are not identical notions.

Many authorities acting in the Church made of it a worldly organization trying to get its own power over the believers and not to mediate help between God and people. That is why the Church, even if indirectly, supports and extends wrong revelations through its dignitaries not worth for this task in order to acquire as many new followers blindly obeying their advises and distorted interpretations of the Bible as possible. If people understood their goals and machination, they would divert themselves from the false priests and they would like better to direct themselves by the laws of God. That is why the spiritually most developed people do not love churches too much and do not believe the false revelations and distorted messages of media.


How do the true Fatima revelations differ from the false ones?


The revelations in Fatima differ from all other revelations by these three facts:

1. The content of their messages are completely different from false revelations. The dark church priests and writers have distorted the original Fatima messages and conformed them to the content of the others, false ones so that the difference might not to be so great. The most important - third message which announces the birth of Holy Spirit on the Earth could not be changed by the Church, thus, the Church has rather hidden it from the public for almost forty years!

2. In the Fatima revelations the spiritual appearance of the Primordial Queen - the real God's mother took place, and not the appearance of the Virgin Mary and Jesus like in the other, false revelations.

3. The revelations in Fatima were accompanied by extraterrestrial phenomena, which is not true for the false revelations because the terrestrial magician cannot imitate them. Though he can work with human imagination and impose his illusions - images of spiritual persons, he is not able to move with a celestial body - the Sun because this can perform only the Creator. Close before the revelation of the Queen in Fatima the Sun started to oscillate in several directions and its 15 minute dance was observed by all present people, also the non-believers, so not only those who saw also the revelation. This proves that the movement of the Sun was not an illusion but reality.


What does the Church hide from the public?


Already in the period before Christ many priests - followers of the Old Testament, presented themselves as not worth of their posts and authorities. They cared for adhering to terrestrial religious rules too much, very often at the expense of human nature and spiritual freedom. Since their influence had negative consequences on the man's development, Creator sent out Jesus to the Earth to arrange the way to the Truth for those who were really looking for it. The false priests made everything for public depreciation of his statements and speeches so that people might not recognize him. Only the spiritually purest and from them independent people escaped from their negative influence.

Those who were mislead by them because they lacked enough courage to think and feel independently, succumbed to the crowd psychosis that Jesus was not the Son of God and contributed to his crucifixion. Thus, the chosen nation killed the man who should have lead it out of the claws of false spiritual teachers.

Before his death Jesus announced to his Apostles that after him, close before the Judgement, the Rejoicer would come, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit to instruct people about God's Truth. No one of the ancient prophets did announce Spirit of Truth before, because his coming was a compensation for the prematurely finished mission of Jesus. In spite of the fact that this part about the next Gods help has been always described in the Bible and it is still there until now (The Gospel according to John, chapter 14, verses 15 - 26), the Church interprets its clear content in different ways, but not as a description of the coming of the real Gods person to the Earth. Only after Jesus death is the Holy Spirit coming to Earth confirmed also in Apocalypse.

In the year 1875 Abd-ru-shin has incarnated into the most spiritual nation, the German one. His name, when translated, means the Son of Light, that is the Son of God. He has written the book „In the Light of Truth“ with the subtitle „The Grail Message“. The author has brought the complex knowledge about the Eternal Laws and about the composition of Creation down to the Earth, which was unknown and incomplete until then. Although he has explained in the book that he came to the Earth with the mission as the Spirit of Truth, i.e. the Holy Spirit, Imanuel, the Church authorities did not want to accept his work and person. How could they when he has directed attention toward the fact, how they distorted the teaching of Jesus and how they mislead their followers to the false ways by doubtful interpretation of the Bible.

The Church also „crucified“ the second Son of God through the denial of the Spirit of Truth, even if not physically, but at least morally, what has the same effect according to the Eternal Laws. No loyal follower of the Church was able to overcome its influence and to study himself this teaching by his own search. This one thousand pages work lays throughout the world in the quiet corners of the bookstores for almost 60 years unnoticed. Among other spiritual books it was recognized only by a couple of individuals who considered themselves mostly as open materialists.

Spirit of Truth should have been announced similarly like Jesus before by selected people so that spiritual searchers might recognize him as by the Bible announced Holy Spirit. However, they forgot about their tasks because they did not awake spiritually in a sufficient way.

After the failure of announcers Creator wanted to compensate people for the frustrated help with an unearthly way - the revelation of the Primordial Queen. She appeared for a short time in the year 1917 and brought a message that on the Earth lives and works Spirit of Truth, announced by Jesus, who would write the New Bible. She has announced it already in her first message and repeated it every month, i.e. six times. However, the false Church authorities ruined this God's help by hiding and distorting its content.

The Primordial Queen - God's mother could be seen in Fatima only by three children, which were born to the Earth for that reason. They saw her only with their spiritual sight not with the material one. They should have mediated her messages to people in childrens age not to have been influenced by any Church knowledge, dogmas and authorities. However, the Church has distorted their truthful declarations and sent out to the world only misprized fictions, which are contained in almost every book about revelations.

Instead of being lead by the Son of God, whose modern teaching is described in the Grail Message, the world lets itself be lead rather by the false revelations, whose messages have nothing in common with God's truths and the real life.

When the dark representatives of the Church deceived the world again and made the recognition and the work of the second Son of God impossible, Creator announced a new coming of the Holy Spirit to the Earth in the role of the future King of the Millennium. This message was submitted by the Primordial Queen in the Third Fatima message. The oldest of the children, Lucy, should have written it in the letter and given it in 1917 to the Pope in a closed envelope so that it might not be misinterpreted. His successor should have opened it and made it public to the world not before the year 1960. The new Pope together with some Church dignitaries have opened it, but they have never announced its content to the world.


What does the Third Fatima message contain?


1. An important landmark in the evolution of mankind is the year 1998 when the people of the whole world will decide between spiritual transformation and self-destruction.

Only those capable of spiritual transformation can survive the sorting of mankind. If people had got to know of this prophecy, which should have been the last warning, in the year 1960, they would have had almost 40 years for the spiritual awakening and straightening from the distortions of life. For that reason Spirit of Truth had written the New Bible - the Grail Message.

Since the Church has blocked the Third Fatima prophecy, humankind will have to undergo this transformation more quickly, in a much more shorter period. It is also its fault, because it was indifferent to the silence of the Church which still claims that it directs itself by God but in its deeds it proves just the contrary. Under the veil of spiritual freedom it accepts, even if indirectly, all messages from the false revelations and media, but it hides the true message from the genuine God's mother from Fatima. Of Mary, who had only the role of being the terrestrial mother of Jesus, the Church made a teacher and a redeemer and it identified her with God's mother only to hide the actual activity of the genuine God's mother on the Earth.

2. In 1998 in Slovakia Imanuel, Holy Spirit and by the Apocalypse revealed King of the world's Millennium will be born, as announced by the prophet Isaiah. Then, Slovakia becomes a chosen nation thanks to the fact that he will rise from its nation.

3. The father of Imanuel will be Holy Spirit, that is why the pregnancy of his mother will not be usual. In spite of the fact that it will not be possible to prove the pregnancy physically, in November 1998 a child - Imanuel will be born in a usual way. That will be one of the proofs that the child was not conceived in an terrestrial way.

Right after its birth the child will have the sign that also Jesus bore in himself - a golden cross and a white dove. Many people from the whole world who will come to visit him, will see it with their spiritual eye.

4. The mother of Imanuel will be the Primordial Queen - God's mother, which will be born in the chosen nation and will give birth to him in her age of 48 years. Her spiritual origin will be confirmed not only by unusual conception and pregnancy, but also by writing of the New Gospel, whose originator will be Holy Spirit, Imanuel. Besides other things he will explain in it Apocalypse and Fatima prophecies because they will come true through her.

The spiritual origin of his mother is indicated in Apocalypse by twelve stars (chapter 12, verse 1), which is the symbol of the Primordial Queen known in the whole world. Her task - to educate the new humankind is indicated by the fact that she will have her descendants (chapter 12, verse 17) who will be persecuted but at the same time also protected. Thanks to her high spiritual origin she is able to contact God directly from the Earth and to announce his will until the time of Imanuel's maturity when he will become the King of the world's Millennium.

5. If mankind displays interest for the New Gospel and the Grail Message and strives for the transfer of the new spiritual knowledge into everyday life frankly after recognition of the Third Fatima prophecy, Creator will postpone its quickly forthcoming self-destruction.

But if the world is indifferent to the new knowledge and to the birth of the Son of God, Creator will allow people to progress spiritually by suffering - by self-destruction, which will be the consequence of accumulation of their mistakes and guilts for millennia. Thus, wars, crises and catastrophes are not a God's punishment but only a reverse action of human faults.

6. The new mankind will be formed through the Grail Message and the New Gospel during forthcoming economic, political and natural catastrophes. During the largest crises it will be saved from the destruction through the intervention from above in order to be able to continue in the higher degree of its spiritual evolution on the Earth under the rule of the King of the Millennium.


/notice: related sequences with The Third Fatima Prophecy/ :

The prophet Isaiah (chapter 7, vers 14):

14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.

The Revelation to John - Apocalypse (chapter 12, verses 1 - 6, 13,14):

    1A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2She was pregnant  and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. 3Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads. 4His tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born. 5She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter. And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. 6The woman fled into the desert to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.

13When the dragon saw that he had been hurled to the earth, he pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child. 14The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the desert, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent's reach.

The King of the world´s Millenium
was born at the end of november 1998.
After birth He was caught up to God
and after Clearing He will come back again to the Earth.